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BigCommerce in Romania

UPDATE: the platform used is actually an older version of Interspire, not BigCommerce. (Thanks to Bogdan Pantoc for clarifying this).

I was wondering if BigCommerce is a platform used in Romania for e-commerce websites:


Some reactions on facebook (Liviu is the curious type, personal note: make a meme for this): bigcommerce-q-fb

And what do you do when you can code and you want to search for answers…

Well, I coded (this time python – mechanize helped) and I got the following list of Romanian e-commerce websites using BigCommerce. Now, BigCommerce is one of the few platforms that have some basic support for promotions and coupons (Magento seems to have the richest set of features so far).

And the list is:

If someone has anything to add, feel free to comment.