Florinel Chis

E-Commerce, Magento, Cloud, London

London, End of Week 1

This was the first week since I moved to London. First of all, even if this is July, it rained the whole week… As I already know, transport in London is extremly expensive… Last couple of times I did the mistake of not getting an oyster card, so I just wasted a lot of money on Underground fare. A weekly pass is around £30, using an Oyster card you pay from £1.4 – £2/trip, buying a single ticket is about £4. So, good advice when you come to London: if you plan of travelling more than once, just buy an oyster card and top-up.

Something about the eCommerce market: mobile can be about half of the traffic (sometimes more) of an eCommerce website. Magento is a very popular platform, lots of agencies specialized in Magento, lots of customers using Magento.

Integration of Magento with ERP systems is always a challange, a bigger one is findind the right ERP for each company.

That’s about it for the first week, hopefully next one will have less rain, more sunshine.

PS: Scaling Magento is THE Challange for this platform, everywhere in the world.