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London Eye

Adding a new section to my blog about London. Trying to share my insights about the city. For me, London it’s a city where you can work, but it’s really hard to make it a home.

Starting with the iconic: London Eye

London Eye image London Eye (picture taken with Nokia Lumia 925)

The advice I’m giving you is:

  • get to Embankment or Westminster stations and get out

  • go across Thames if necessary (any bridge you like)

  • find a boat that has a bar, right across London Eye, don’t mind the security guy at the entrace, he won’t ask you anything

  • get a beer/cider/juice whatever you want to drink (the price should be less than £5 for a drink)

  • stand and stare at London Eye for a while, look at the boats passing by

  • good time for a visit is in the summer around 6-7pm (or a bit later)

PS: pray for good weather before coming to London

Here is a list with: Better pictures with London Eye.

And if you are hungry afterwards find Herman Ze German (19 Villiers St, London WC2N 6NE) and have a wurst.