Florinel Chis

E-Commerce, Magento, Cloud, London

Florinel Chis

I am based in London, my specialty is Magento (e-commerce platform), on which I’ve been focusing for the last 5 years. Entrepreneurial spirit, started the my first company in 2006, more details about that and a short bio can be found on my about me page.
What I currently do:

  • Co-Founder and Chief Service Office at Elastera (Fully managed Cloud AWS PaaS for Magento)
  • Development Lead at Warner Music
  • owner Magendoo

I am passionate about my work, I have 11 years of experience in e-commerce in a variety of roles from full stack web developer to ERP Consultant or Business Analyst.

Parliament Hill

So far, I’ve seen London from above from: London Eye and Greenwich Park (from the Royal Observatory). It seems there is another place from which you can see London: Parliament Hill. You can see the Gerkin, St. Paul Cathedral, BT Tower and other buildings in London. It’s very similar to what you can see in Vienna from one of the nearby hills.

Here is a panorama with the view from Parliament Hill:

Parliament-Hill_Panorama-1600 Parliament Hill Panorama (picture taken with Nokia Lumia 925, Panorama feature)

Camden Market

Second post in this section about London and the way I see it is about Camden Market. It’s not a particular order I’m posting, it’s just based on the pictures I have at hand and my lack of inspiration.

In order to get to Camden Market you need to go to the tube station: Camden Town (it’s zone 2, Northern Line).

Camden Market Camden Market (Picture taken with Nokia Lumia 925). Click on the image for a full gallery.

You can find here international cuisine, all in one place. Walk around, if you are a girl you will probably enjoy all the places selling accessories, t-shirts and so on. You can also find fresh orange juice and pinapple juice (using the fruit as a recipient).

For me it seems that Camden Market is not my cup of tea.

London Eye

Adding a new section to my blog about London. Trying to share my insights about the city. For me, London it’s a city where you can work, but it’s really hard to make it a home.