Florinel Chis

E-Commerce, Magento, Cloud, London

Florinel Chis

I am based in London, my specialty is Magento (e-commerce platform), on which I’ve been focusing for the last 5 years. Entrepreneurial spirit, started the my first company in 2006, more details about that and a short bio can be found on my about me page.
What I currently do:

  • Co-Founder and Chief Service Office at Elastera (Fully managed Cloud AWS PaaS for Magento)
  • Development Lead at Warner Music
  • owner Magendoo

I am passionate about my work, I have 11 years of experience in e-commerce in a variety of roles from full stack web developer to ERP Consultant or Business Analyst.

Platformele E-commerce Folosite De Magazinele Inscrise La GPeC 2013 in Categoria Bebelusi, Copii & Jucarii

122 de magazine online s-au inscris la cea de-a 8-a editie a Galei Premiilor eCommerce si au fost aprobate in competitie. Dintre acestea, 14 magazine s-au inscris in concurs in categoria Bebelusi, copii & jucarii – 7 magazine Start-Up (cu o vechime de minim 6 luni, dar mai putin de 1 an) si 7 magazine Experienced

Magazinele inscrise la GPeC 2013 in categoria Bebelusi, copii & jucarii

Am facut o analiza sumara a platformelor de comert folosite de magazinele inscrise in aceasta categorie. Rezultatele mai jos:


Daca aveti completari, astept feedback.

Magento - How to Remove index.php From URL

Some Magento installations are still set not to use the web server Url Rewrite capability and for that reason, index.php shows up in the URLs:


The key settings are:

System > Configuration > Web –> Url Web Server Rewrites: Yes


Note: the scope is store view so make sure when you change the Default Config value you don’t have a different value set at a Store View level.

Things to check:

  • .htaccess is present in document root
  • Apache is properly configured (AllowOverride)

Save and clear Magento cache (if you use any Full Page Caching you need to clear that as well) and now the URL is clean: magento-product-page-without-index-php

Epicor Magento Partnership

Epicor Software Corporation, a global leader in business software solutions for manufacturing, distribution, retail and services organizations, today announced its strategic partnership with Magento®, owned by eBay Inc. (NASDAQ: EBAY), a leading eCommerce platform, serving more than 150,000 businesses worldwide. As well, Epicor introduced its new Epicor Retail Cross-Commerce offering, a flexible, advanced eCommerce platform that enables retailers to personalize the shopping experience across channels, to support increased revenue and customer loyalty.

Epicor Magento Partnership Adds eCommerce to Product Lineup, Integrated Offering Supports Rich Omni-Channel Retailing

Most Popular Extensions on Magento Connect

Each extension on Magento Connect has a ranking called Popularity. Details about how it’s calculated:

The popularity score is a measure of the interest in the Magento Extension on Magento Connect. It is based on the number of times the extension is installed from Connect for free extensions and the number of referrals to the developers site for paid extensions with precautions taken to avoid double counting use of the extension.

source: What affects the popularity score on Magento Connect’s app store?

Magento recently cleaned up Magento connect, more details on their blog post: Improving our Extension Marketplace

On 13th of April I’ve run an analysis of Magento Connect and here are the results:

Top 5 Magento Powered Websites in the World

Top 5 Magento websites

I’ve done some research starting from this question on Quora: What are the top 5 sites using magento. Alexa.com provides a list with top 500 websites in the Shopping category, so I started from there.

I’ve also done in the past in order to play with Heroku, a script to detect if a store is running on Magento: eplatform.heroku.com

Here are the list with top Magento websites (not 5, but 8 :) because these seem to be the only Magento powered websites in that category):