Florinel Chis

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Top 20 Romanian Retailers and Their E-commerce Platform

Based on personal research. If someone has something to add, please share.

**Note: Telecom companies (Romtelecom, Orange, Vodafone, Cosmote) were not included in this top.**

Comparing with Top 20 UK Retailers and their e-commerce platform you can see that in-house solutions and Magento are dominant in Romanian market. In UK more Enterprise solutions (IBM Websphere and Oracle ATG) are dominant…

Also, the large offline retailers in UK have the largest online stores. These are the businesses that drove e-commerce and invested time and money into creating and increasing the e-commerce sales channel (I was looking for example at ASDA’s website in 1999). In Romania, retailers that invested in these platforms ended up bankrupt (Flamingo and DOL.ro – IBM Websphere).

Oracle ATG is used by Vodafone shop in Romania (I belive it’s the only Oracle ATG customer and IBM Websphere doesn’t have any customer).