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Yohan Ruso, Former Managing Director of eBay France, Joins Prestashop Board of Directors

Miami, FL, March 7th, 2013 – Earlier this year, world leading e-commerce company PrestaShop elected former Managing Director of eBay France, Yohan Ruso, to join their Board of Directors. Currently, PrestaShop leads the European e-commerce market, and is now making direct and aggressive moves to spread its domination to international markets. One of the most obvious moves in this direction has been the election of Yohan Ruso. Ruso has extensive experience in the field of e-commerce, and specifically international business relations. His success in the industry is undisputable and will likely accelerate PrestaShop’s already growing presence in numerous countries. The pairing of the two makes for an unstoppable force.

PrestaShop Welcomes Former Managing Director of eBay France, Pursues International Markets – Press Release – PrestaShop